Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Little Note about Pictures

Anybody who has browsed the online dating sites out there can totally related to this. Profiles without pictures are probably not worth much. I'm not at all overly concerned with appearance, I mean, you should have your teeth, and you should at least try to smile and look normal, but I'm not the kind of girl that's like "Oh, he balding, can't consider him." I've got my fair share of scars (we're not talking Texas Chainsaw Massacre though), freckles, and wrinkles are starting to appear. I'm human, I'm not without fault and I certainly don't expect my mate to be perfect either. So on my daily roster of 10 eligible bachelors on, more than half were without pictures. :::::::::::Lightning Flash::::::::::::::: Maybe they aren't actually eligible???

On the other hand, I'd almost rather have the picture free profiles than the ones where the guy has taken a picture of himself with his cell phone camera. This is not good. Don't do this. The picture always sucks. Or the ones taken with a web cam. Or the ones where the guy looks like he's scanned in his most recent mug shot, and he may very well have a murder weapon in the trunk of his car.

In sort of good news, I am emailing with a guy who so far seems to be pretty darn cool. He hasn't asked me how big my boobs are. He hasn't shared that he likes to do it with the lights on or that he has very large hands and/or feet. He hasn't peppered any of his emails with stuff like "U R So HOT!!!" All signs so far point to gentleman, which is definitely a good thing. Oh, and he hasn't sent me ridiculous IM after IM. Also a good thing. Hopefully we can get together for coffee or drinks sometime this month. December is kind of a hard time to start anything (ooooh, I'm not being too hopeful, I swear), since it's a crazy busy time of the year, but we'll take it one day at a time and see what happens.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Blind Date from Rush Hell

OK, one of my guy friends had moved away and decided to have a party so he invited me up to his new place. It was summer and a pool party so we all had a good time.

The next week after the party my guy friend called and said that one of the guys at the party had seen me there and really wanted to take me out. He described how the guy looked, but I couldn't really remember him. So I told him I wasn't interested. Well he kept on asking saying that this guy was going through a rough time and besides we could double date with he (guy friend) and his girlfriend. Plus we would be going to Six Flags, so it would be a real casual type of thing. I finally agreed to the following Sunday afternoon.

When the date day came around, I was exhausted because I had been out on two very late night/early morning dates the 2 nights before with different guys and I had a headache (and a big ol' hickey on my neck). Date came to pick me up and said that we would be meeting guy friend and his girlfriend at Six Flags instead of us all driving together. The drive was about 90 minutes. 10 minutes into the drive the guy puts in a Rush tape. There are 2 good Rush songs, Limelight and Tom Sawyer, the rest just suck IMO. Well this guy not only puts in the Rush tape but pauses between each song to explain to me the back story behind each one. When that tape was over, he put in the next one in the series. My head pounded and I gritted my teeth the whole way.

Finally we get to Six Flags, where the first thing I planned on doing was grabbing guy friend by the arm to take him aside and ask him WTH did I ever do to him that he felt he had to set me up with this guy. Well after an hour of waiting, I figured out that guy friend probably never intended on showing up. So now it's just me and Rush Freak.

I cannot say that I was the best date that day. We went on Free Fall and Rush Freak about pee'd his pants. So I made him stand in line with me and go on it again!
Later he wanted to go out to eat, but I just wanted to get home. He insisted on dinner so I ordered a bunch of food and didn't eat it. He then blasted Rush all the way home and sang his lungs out oblivious to the fact that I was about ready to puke into my shoes. When we got home I told him I had fun and shook his hand.

He called me at least 3 times after that, wanting to go out again because he had so much fun!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cheap Date

I was set up with this guy (we'll call him Red, he was a volunteer firefighter/EMT.) I was hesitant to go out with him, because honestly I wasn't that attracted to him. He was practically begging me to go into Manhattan with him, so he could "treat me like I've never been treated." I did want to check out the new Harley Davidson Cafe that had recently opened, so I figured one date couldn't hurt. He drives me into Manhattan, we hit the HDC, and he tells me to order anything I want. I ordered some shots because I was nervous. We racked up a $200 bill, and I had a really great time, even though he wasn't my type. The waitress comes with the bill and hands it to Red, and I said "oh, let me give you something towards this!" and he hands me the WHOLE CHECK! I fumbled in my bag for my Amex, and he went to the bathroom while I settled the WHOLE bill! I was pretty shocked, and kind of annoyed. We had a few phone conversations the previous week where he bragged about how he treats his girlfriends, bought them gifts, dinner, jewelry. I would not have even minded splitting the check, because it was a lot, but to hand it to me and then leave the table was too much! He didn't even offer to leave the tip, nothing!!!
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, he drives down to South Street Seaport, where he proceeds to grope me. I told him I'm not that kind of girl, and proceeded to turn into Ice Bitch until he got the message and took me home.
At least I got 2 shotglasses out of it;)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Send Me Your Stories!

Send me your stories from the dating trenches! You don't have to be single to share, we've all had to kiss a few frogs to find the prince, right? On Friday night, my single girlfriend S and I went out to The Perk (an area bar), just to toss a few back and hang out. We started trading stories of online dating sites, mostly because I'm new to the online dating scene and she's been there, done that. While I've never actually met anybody from online, I had plenty of horror stories to share with her. From sexually charged emails, to extremely obvious hints about penis size, to comments that I think were meant as compliments but I actually found insulting instead, we laughed and commiserated with one another. And then we both said "Wouldn't it be great if there were a forum to share these stories?" There probably already is, but there are probably too many bad stories to go around, so what's one more blog, right? You can email me your (anonymous if you'd like) story at: .